Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 25 2009


Lunchbox Laboratory
This place gets talked about a lot. I had the "Ebony Assassin" burger, which included beef (obviously), bacon, havarti or muenster, I don't remember which, onions, and a black truffle mayo. It was just fair. I have to confess that I actually took off some of the bacon. There was too much. It was kind of wadded up and not very crispy. The highlight of the meal was the shake. I had blueberry custard, and it was really pretty awesome. My side was tater tots with rosemary sea salt. They were good, but too salty. I actually didn't finish them either. I'd go back, but not very often. I'd like to try a pretty normal burger there without lots of random stuff and see how that is. Oh by the way, burger, tots, and a shake came to $19.00. Holy wow.


Zayda Buddy's Pizza
Despite the fact that this is excellent pizza and the closest to traditional midwestern pizza I have ever found outside the Midwest, and despite the fact that I sometimes daydream about the pizza with its toppings under the cheese, and despite the fact that I absolutely adore the fact that it is cut into squares, despite all that and more, I had only a small amount of this delight because I was still full from lunch. Oh well. Pizza is never degraded by leftover status.


(OvO) said...

And this pizza makes excellent leftovers! But I always have to eat those tiny little triangular pieces while the pizza is still hot.

Daron Gildow said...

The lunch box Lab sounds interesting but a bit on the spendy side.

And was the Mayo a black truffle may concoction? That sounds mildly Interesting.

brandtbl said...

Yeah, it was mayo infused with black truffle somehow. I'm not sure if it had bits in it (didn't taste like it) or if maybe they just used trufle oil. That's my guess.
It's totally not worth the money, but interesting every once in a while. I'd been putting off going there for months. I'm actually a fan of the chef. He had a really good place close to us a few years ago, but it closed for various reasons.