Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 4 - 5 2009

Jan 4 Lunch

The Other Coast Cafe
My first meal out of the new year. I had the Ragin' Cajun sandwich. It was fair. Kind of soggy, but the flavors were good.

Jan 5 Lunch

Chen's Village
I had their "General Tao's Chicken" due to the influence of a TED video. It was horrible. Almost unpalatable. This place is usually passable as long as you only order one of about 3 different things. Not this time.


Robovike said...

I would eat a Ragin' Cajun just on principles of nomenclature alone. I misread your second meal as "General Taco's Chicken," which I thought of as...interesting.

solipsistnation said...


brandtbl said...

Pics of every meal? No way!

(OvO) said...

I've only had the Ragin' Cajun once. In fact I think it was the first sandwich I ever had from The Other Coast. I remember being a little overwhelmed by it. Tasty, but coma-inducing, so not my best option for a work lunch. I think I've since learned that I generally prefer their cold sandwiches. Nom.