Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb 1 2009


Pho Viet Anh
I had a small pho with fatty flank and rare steak with their 'spicy' broth. It's not actually all that spicy, it's just not regular pho beef broth. It's got some chili flakes of some sort, possibly some pineapple, more lemon grass, not sure what else. I like this place, generally. The vegetables are always fresh, the meat is always relatively high quality, but I am always slightly annoyed that they don't just give you those little bowls for the sriracha and the hoisin sauce. You have to ask for them.


(OvO) said...

Now that you mention it, Pho Cyclo doesn't provide those either. I just end up shoving unused sprouts aside and using a corner of their platter instead, which isn't nearly as pleasant as having one of those little sauce bowls at the ready.

xinapray said...

Definitely pineapple in the broth.