Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 11 2009


Red Mill Burgers
Bacon Deluxe with cheese and a trufflemint shake. My co-worker likes to go here and a burger sounded good. However unless I get the chicken sandwich this place never lives up to my expectations. It was fine, but just not the excellent fast food burger experience I always want it to be (and it's always rumored to be). Oh but the shakes are terrific. I love milkshakes.


Tacos El Asadero
Man this place is good. We shared two carnitas tacos, two adobada tacos, and a birria mulita. It was excellent. I could eat here 4 times a week and be happy forever. With cokes it came to 9.60 or something ridiculous like that. One day I'll do a brief write-up of all the taco places I've tried in Seattle. This place has the best carnitas, but you can get better adobada (and tamales and tortas for that matter) elsewhere. The carnitas was extra awesome tonight though. Lots of crispy bits but still juicy.


solipsistnation said...

What is "trufflemint?"

brandtbl said...

What ISN'T trufflemint?
(It's just mint chocolate)
(It also just happens to be incredibly delicious and the source of many daydream, etc.)