Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 18 2009


Their buffet is slightly above average, and readily accessible from work. This is nothing remarkable, just competently prepared and occasionally interesting Indian food. They claim to grind all their own spices on a daily basis. I can appreciate that, having just ground a bunch of spices last week for some curry powder.


El Camion
It was once again Taco Sunday. To celebrate this holy hour we had carnitas (not as good as El Asadero, but still very good) and cochinita pibil. The cochinita pibil is really terrific. I haven't seen it on the menu at any other taco stands. We also had a pretty good chicken mole tamal. I like their pork in red sauce tamales better. The chicken was slightly dry in this example and the mole was a little bit bland. The pork on the other hand is very moist and quite spicy. The tamales here are very large and wrapped in a banana leaf. I think this means that the food is Yucatecan, actually. Anyway it's all really quite good. I think it's a sad reflection on Mexican food in Seattle that the best examples are all from taco buses and stands.

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(OvO) said...

I think I've only eaten there once. . .maybe twice. That was where I first met Kayobi! I remember Matt ordered a curry that was so hot he turned bright red and was sweating bullets. You know he loved it too.