Friday, March 6, 2009

Mar 6 2009


7 Stars Pepper
This is probably the most famous Szechuan restaurant in Seattle. It lost the chef that made it famous originally, but it's still pretty good. We had the Spicy Cold Beef Appetizer, Dan Dan Mein, Cumin Lamb, and Fried Pork Szechuan-Style. The Dan Dan is just about the best in the city. It's really great! The appetizer was fine, but nothing particularly special. The Cumin Lamb wasn't terribly good this time around. Not enough lamb, not enough cumin. The Fried Pork is something we've never ordered before. It's pretty much just Chong Xing Spicy Chicken made with battered and fried pork. It was surprisingly good, actually. The pork itself was fairly spicy. I'm not sure I'd order it again, but I suppose I might. Anyway we were basically just here for the Dan Dan Mein. That stuff is amazing.

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