Monday, March 2, 2009

Mar 2 2009


I had their steak sandwich and "chop chop" salad. The steak sandwich was apparently a "Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich with Ancho Chili Au Jus." I guess that's about right. This sandwich changes almost every time I order it, which probably comes to about 5 times all together. This time the bun was toasted on the outside, almost charred in some spots, which isn't necessarily bad, and the steak was actually chopped, which has never happened before. I have to wonder how often this place goes through kitchen staff. If it's as often as they go through waitstaff, then it's about once a month. Anyway the au jus was sort of sweet and not at all spicy. I wish it was. The steak itself was pretty much medium rare, and I have no complaints about it.
The chop chop salad, which I almost always order, is actually pretty great. Bacon cubes, chicken, romaine, cucumber, a little basil, and (a weak nod to their "Mexican" style) cotija cheese.
(Notice I never actually order anything Mexican here.)

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