Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar 1 2009


Rocking Wok
This place is s mostly Taiwanese, pretty cheap, kind of out of the way. I suspect it has its own pretty dedicated following though. I did read that the owner sold to a non-Taiwanese owner a while back, but I am not such a connoisseur of Chinese that I can tell myself.
Today I had 3-flavor Noodle Soup and some "wined chicken" which is just cold chicken marinated in rice wine. The chicken was just okay but the noodle soup was really quite good. The 3-flavor noodles can be had 'dry' too which I think I prefer.
A friend and I once made the mistake of ordering stinky tofu here. I am glad I know what stinky tofu is like, but I will never ever order it ever again. It was truly a horrible experience.


El Camion
'Twas Taco Sunday and we did have ourselves tacos! and a chicken tamal. Everything was tasty, as it always is. The tamal was very spicy, which I like. The tacos were carnitas and cochinita pibil.

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