Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 19 2009


Elliott West Cafe
This is the cafe on the first floor of one of our buildings. It is generally around the level of college cafeteria food. Today was no exception. I had a conference call I had to get back to though, so I was sort of in a hurry. How do you manage to make a sandwich so mediocre?


Hopvine Pub
A good friend is in town and somehow we settled on this place for dinner. I had their reuben, which seemed excessively spicy (I blame the mustard). The corned beef was marginal at best, but not horrible. The salad had a mustard-heavy vinaigrette. I will come back, but primarily for the beer selection, which is excellent.

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CJP said...

They do a couple tasty small pizzas there too. Thin, fairly crunchy crust though.

Otherwise most of the food I've had there has been mediocre, and the service is usually terrible. Bad enough that we tipped so poorly once that our waiter followed us outside and confronted us about it. Whereupon we gave him an itemized list of his absurd shortcomings, leaving him red-faced and apologetic.